"In the world through which I travel I am endlessly creating myself"
Aloha Shii | Travel Gypsy Photographer

Gypsy, International Traveler and seeker of both LOVE & LIGHT.

I consume inspiration like a black hole, then recycle ALL of that gathered energy back into my ART! I thrive & survive on positive energy and adore engaging in ANY conversation; with anyone, anywhere, at any given time. I am genuinely ENTHUSIASTIC about ALL the beautiful things life has to offer. 

I am simply happy to be

My life consists of: prisms, cameras, LOVE, art, travel, adventure, change, hugs, dinosaurs, aliens, words, nature, karma, balance, MORE LOVE, music, astronomy, doggies, Hawaii and OHANA! 

My conversations are laced with quotations from my GREAT inspirations like: 
Chris Poindexter, R.M. Drake, Watson, Darwin, Lennon, Buddha, Dali Lama, Einstein, Dr. Seuss, MLK Jr., & many MORE!

I patiently await the mysteries of my future to unfold, while I enjoy TODAY in the mean time! Wherever you are, be ALL there. 

Everything I create exists only because I exist & because I have experienced. 
I am SO MUCH MORE than the words selected here to describe me, for I am changed everyday by my connections, conversations, and interesting new perspectives! My LOVE & PASSION extend fearlessly in EVERY DIRECTION!! 

I am SO excited to share a bit of my soul with you. Enjoy life through Shii Eyes.
LOVE is MY inspiration. Life is MY art. 

Be humble for you are made of EARTH. Be radiant for you are made of STARS.

Aloha, Shii