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{Aloha Shii Travels} My First Week Living on the Road

{Aloha Shii Travels} My First Week Living on the Road

Aloha Shii | Traveling Photographer

My First Week of "Gypsy Life"

Well, it is officially our first week on the road, and so far, everything has been pretty INCREDIBLE!

Turns out, one of my very best friends decided to take the first leg of my journey with me and the pups! Which has been an unmeasurable addition to our experience! We left Tennessee a week and a half ago, and headed SOUTH to warmer weather! Living in  a pop-up requires some consciousness to the temperatures outside! I am a glorified camper after all! ;) 

I have the ability to heat and cool my camper, but I am traveling with the mindset of being as environmentally conscious as possible. I plan to install solar panels, complete my vegan transition, and enjoy all the bountiful pleasures of nature while on this journey while living low impact! There is so much to learn, and I am open to receiving any knowledge available! This is an entire lifestyle change, that is why I chose this path, and also because the path chose me. 

As of now, we are visiting some of our favorite faces in the south while "camping out" under what can only be described as "HOME TREE" in the back yard of one of my dearest friends! We have the perfect little compound of women and doggies! 

The morning sunshine gloriously highlights the trees and Spanish moss for at least 3 hours in the morning, its incredible. The weather is LITERAL PERFECTION. The doggies roam free for hours! We dehydrate fruit, come up with DELICIOUS vegan meals, spend our mornings with fresh homemade cold brew, work on our soul work, take daily walks at the park with the dogs and brew constant inspiration. 

Life is good. Like way way way way better then good. 

*If someone is looking for a negative note I can only say this: I cut my toe pretty deep while setting up my pop up when we arrived- due to the fact I never wear any shoes, and that hurt pretty bad. But it was a clean cut, and honestly I can't complain at all. Its healing perfectly!

AND into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
— John Muir


{Aloha Shii Travels} Among the Orange Blossoms

{Aloha Shii Travels} Among the Orange Blossoms

{Aloha Shii Travels} On my heart and in my head

{Aloha Shii Travels} On my heart and in my head