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{Aloha Shii Travels} On my heart and in my head

{Aloha Shii Travels} On my heart and in my head

Aloha Shii | Adventurer and Photographer and Cupcake Champaign Cork

I have been meaning to write you all for some time, but as I have worked through the last couple months, keeping my thoughts and words to myself has felt more "right" for me. I find everyday the same object on my to-do list, the one that gets transferred from day to day to day to day with out ever making it to the "complete" section- its simple "BLOG".

Well TODAY I FINALLY completed it! So in honor, I popped the cap on this yummy "Cupcake Champaign" bottle and poured myself a little congratulations mimosa!! Because this girl is TAKING CHARGE of everything in her life again! It's time to come back out of my shell of protection and safety, and run PASSIONATELY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY towards the dreams that are no longer dreams for me, but reality!!

So, if you are interested in my past, present, or future position- read ahead, subscribe, or just glance through the new page dedicated to adventure updates- Aloha Shii's Gypsy Life!!


My head is bursting with thoughts, idea, inspiration and the practicalities of putting all of these big dreams into action!! I am here. I have arrived. I am at the one and a half week precipice of all I have dreamed of doing! It has been a long, and mildly horrific road getting to where I am currently standing. I have met many, loved many, lost many, found many, and of course both hurt and been hurt. I have sacrificed, fought against the current, explored, expanded my consciousness, and expanded others, and then expanded some more... I have made art, made love, made happiness, made peace, and made mistakes... I am passionately having both a physical and metaphysical experience on this planet- and that makes things ultra complex in their dynamics. 

All I can say is, this is the beginning of the next chapter. However long it will be- I will enjoy my every experience and every lesson. To whoever will be a part of it- I look forward to joy, expansion, and positive energy exchanges that are about to alter the state of this planet. To those who still dwelling in the past chapters- mahalo for making me all that I am, it is because of our experiences together, that I have created this self. 

My business, My life, My soul are all on a journey. 
A journey to expand upon my truest intention in this life- SPREADING LOVE TO ALL. 


My heart is both sensitive and steadfast in its current position. I have made an epic amount of life changes in the past several months, and that has resulted in a lot of INTENSE emotional hurdles. I have no intention of going into great depths, but I have every intention of giving you an idea of the struggles that make us GREAT, courageous and strong. 

For the past six months I have conquered two dark nights of the soul, expansion, physical illness and spiritual illness of those around me, lies, deceit, family hospitalizations, financial crisis, mystery disappearances, stolen vehicle, dreams being crushed before my eyes, the selling of my home and studio, and the parting from all of my earthly possessions that don't fulfill a specific purpose, and more and more and more and more and more and more.... this really isn't even the tip of the iceberg, but I am SO thankful for the lessons, and the strength and confidence I have built in myself for conquering these obstacles like a CHAMP and doing what I needed to do to move forward on my own path!!

In am open now and receiving the blessings of the universe.
I am free. I am the ability to do absolutely anything I dream. This is why I have chosen to live nomadically. I can design the type of life that works for me! And this is the dream- the experiences that are before me are going to shake the foundation of everything I have even thought that I was until this point. I am free. So are you.




If you would like to follow me on my happy little travels, and would like to receive updates sharing travel itinerary, a detailed adventure journal with gorgeous galleries, giveaways, SPECIALS, inspiration, and anything else I can dream up along the way- then SIGN UP BELOW!! 

I look SO SO SO forward to sharing my incredible experiences with you all! 
Are you excited to be inspired? I am!! Lets make each others dreams come true!

I'll see you out there!!


FLORIDA (Tampa/ St. Pete/ Jacksonville/ Ft. Lauderdale/ Keys): Feb 25th-March
TENNESSEE (Knoxville/ Nashville): April
CALIFORNIA (San Diego, LA, San Fransisco): May

*The rest is undetermined and specific dates are subject to change*


{Aloha Shii Travels} My First Week Living on the Road

{Aloha Shii Travels} My First Week Living on the Road