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A Little Christmas Gratitude

A Little Christmas Gratitude

A Story & A FULL LIST of Mantras and Affirmations to assist you in expanding your GRATITUDE practice this Holiday Season!

Tropical Island Christmas | Aloha Shii Photography

I am going to take a moment here, to talk about the beautiful things that happened to me this year, the lessons I learned and the things I am so incredibly grateful for:

Taco Christmas Ornament | Aloha Shii Photography

This year I headed out with my three dogs on a great adventure of living on the road just my SUV (Yoko Maraschino) and my awesome pop up camper! We had some incredible adventures, met some awesome people, got to spend time with people we loved, and kicked it with the coolest dogs. We have been all over the South East of the country this year, and then come spring, I met the love of my life. The most incredible human, from our first interaction, when we told each other "we talk to ourselves when we meditate", to that perfect smile- I knew I wasn't going to be traveling too far away from him. 

Cue the next chapter where we move to Tampa, and work through the kinks of merging our lifestyles together! We took a two week road trip exploring the North West & Mid-West areas of the country. It was an absolutely incredible adventure. My love and I began painting, and that lead to more painting, so we turned our spare room into an art studio, and just as we got everything in place- he got PROMOTED!

Cue the current chapter, we now live on a tropical island of the SW Coast of Florida! We absolutely love it here! He loves his new job, the dogs love their new yard, and we love our little island bungalow. I work with a local bonsai nursery doing e-commerce and spend the rest of my time painting just about anything- but most likely a coconut, a wall or wood. 

You see, in this chapter is where I begin to discover myself again, and make adjustments to my lifestyle and business. This chapter is where I learned the important things. I love making art. I love using my hands, and my heart to make things with beautiful colors, and to share those beautiful things with people all over. Sending them positive energy to bring into their space. This is where I learned how incredibly thankful I am for photography in my life, and how much I enjoy co-shooting weddings with other professional photographers, but I really just want to make art. 

This is also when I discovered my life is art. The way it ebs and flows. The changes it brings both challenging and exciting. The way it paints memories to laugh about and enjoy later. I want to share positivity. I all forms: art, vibes, ideas, videos, whatever. I just want to share positivity and love with the world- so in whatever ways I can do that, that is what Ill be doing. I am not a photographer, I am an artist, who takes pictures because she loves to.

These experiences are what is helping grow and develop my beautiful vision for 2018! 
I am so excited to see what this year is all about! I feel the positivity swelling all over the world! Amazing things are happening. They are happening now, all around us. 

BELOW I have shared a LIST of some
to take you and your family happily and healthily into the

Llama Christmas Present | Aloha Shii Photography
Christmas Presents | Aloha Shii Photography


A helpful guided list of Mantras and Gratitude Affirmations for the up-coming holiday season:

  • I am thankful for the health and wellness of my family and friends
  • I am grateful for the crisp air and each and every precious breath
  • I am thankful for the abundance that fills this holiday, and every day
  • I wish abundance upon all those I know and influence
  • I wish abundance upon all those who I don't know or influence
  • I am grateful for all of the blessings I am receiving this holiday
  • I am grateful to be connected to people who truly love me and wish the best for me
  • I am truly grateful for all of the lessons I have been given this year, as those points are what mark my growth
  • I am truly grateful for each of these days, and I will maximize their potential
  • I am open and receiving to all positive energy and cosmic abundance
  • I am grateful to purge negative things from my life so I can walk lightly into the New Year
  • I am grateful for the chain of events that occur each day that I am unaware of that keep me on this wonderful life path
  • I am thankful for my health and wellness
  • I am thankful for my senses
  • I am thankful for my intuition
  • I am thankful for divine guidance 
  • I am thankful for the Universe cradling us among its many stars
  • I am thankful for the law of attraction
  • I bless all the travels of those I love as they travel to be with their families
  • I bless my own travels
  • I send out love and blessings so large that it envelopes the entire world
  • I wish abundance and wellness to ALL as we finish out this year and begin a-new
  • I wish love and light on every living thing
  • Love, gratitude and abundance are attracted to me
  • I am love. 
  • I am gratitude.
  • I am abundance.
May all beings know peace.
May all beings know love.
May all beings know happiness.
— Unknown
Christmas Tree | Aloha Shii Photography


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